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Blanc de PhuQuoc Blanc de PhuQuoc

Blanc de PhuQuoc

2,500,000 đ    2,500,000 đ



Blanc de PhuQuoc is the scent of an island with pristine white sand beaches under the sunset and light waves. Gentle but passionate with Pepper in the top notes bleneded with the cool scent of lemon. The scent harmonizes with Rose, Jasmine and especially enhances the sharp sweetness of Carnation in the heart note. A tropical touch with the fruity juicy notes of Watermelon faintly connecting all the layers of smoothly throughout. At the base, a sensual musk combined with irresistible seductive patchouli and still redolent the ambergris, like the ocean breeze stay on your skin...

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Odour Life : 10 - 12 hours

Sillage : Modest


Top Note : Pink Pepper, Black Pepper, Lemon

Hear Note : White Rose, Carnation, Jasmine Sambac

Base Note : Ambroxan, Patchouli, Musk


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