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Scents of Vietnam

Have you been Hoi An, an atractive acient town in middle of Vietnam?
Have you been Dalat? A highland with pine and rose and mimosa...
And Saigon, a far east pearl ? Nhatrang, beachs with ocean breeze...
How's about autumn in Hanoi?

Let's begin the journey to the exotic lands of our country by scents!

Introducing a new perfume collection of Y25 - Artisan de parfum, where each scent evokes a unique and captivating atmosphere. First, experience the mysterious allure of "Shadow of the Moon" with its deep and enigmatic notes that transport you to a moonlit night. Next, transport yourself to the bustling streets of Tokyo with "Late Night in Tokyo," a scent that captures the energy and excitement of the city after dark. Finally, bask in the warmth of a sunny day with "Bellini on a Sunny Day," a refreshing and invigorating fragrance that evokes the carefree feeling of sipping a cool cocktail on a beautiful day. Each scent is expertly crafted to inspire a sense of adventure, romance, and luxury, making this perfume collection a must-have addition to any fragrance collector.

Colors of the scent

What does the color green smell like? And, is Blue the feeling of peaceful sky?
Discover our scents and choose your color.


Colors Of The Scent

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In The Mood For Love

In the mood for love collection was inspired by the 2000 romantic drama film by Wong War Kai, in the attempt to combine two idealistic conception, Love and Fragrance.


Limited Edition

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Y25 Discovery Set

Y25 Discovery Set is a mini size (2ml) of 10 fragrances of Y25 - Artisan de Parfum's collections from year 2015 to year 2020.


Y25 Discovery Set

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Perfume Candle

Perfume Candle Version of the collection Scents of Vietnam. The candle is hand poured in Saigon with 100% soy wax and fine fragrance oils, imported from France and some exotic essential oil of Vietnam.
Net Weight : 275g.
Burning Time : 60 hours.
The collection has 6 scents of L’automne de Hanoi, La mer de Nhatrang, Matin à Dalat, Hoian Déjà vu, L’ancien de Hue, La Perle d’orient.