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Top note: Holy Basil, Herbs, Orange Blossom
Middle note: Gardenia, Narcissus, Tonka Bean
Base note: Oak Moss, Anise, Clove, Cedarwood, Vetiver
"I know you once upon a dream"


The very first gentle spicy herbal touch of the fragrance will magically send you to a dreaming hot summer night. In that once upon a dream surrounded by a lush, heady scent of gardenia blossom and a warm, smooth tonka bean and camellia note blending together, standing between the line of illusion and real images, there are memories of following the lights of the colorful lanterns hanging on the doors of the charming ancient house along the canals in the heart of Hoi An town

The presence of oakmoss, clove and cypress base notes has extended the beautiful,dreaming scent of herbs and whites flowers making the line between dream and reality vanishes…


Déjà vu – once upon a dream...Déjà vu – if only I could see you again like how we did once upon a dream…


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